Privacy Statement

The controller mrs J. Cadovius, Bed & Breakfast Burghmalsen shall ensure the privacy rights of the person whose personal data it processes. The controller shall handle the collected personal data confidentially and shall adhere to the requirements imposed by the current privacy legislation.

Personal Data

The controller shall only collect personal data that have been lawfully made available to it. The information may include, inter alia, the first and last name, the address, gender, telephone number, e-mail address etc. Bed & Breakfast Burghmalsen.

The controller shall only collect special personal data when these are received based on consent of the data subject or when such is necessary or authorized pursuant to legal obligations.

The controller is authorized to process personal data if required to do so by law or under an agreement.

The controller may process personal data based on a vital interest, a public interest or a legitimate interest. The controller shall inform the data subject thereof.

If the personal data are not obtained directly from the data subject, the controller shall inform the data subject of the origin of the personal data.


The controller will only use the personal data for the purpose for which they were provided. The controller may only deviate from the aforementioned principle if it has received the explicit consent of the data subject to do so, or if the controller must comply with a legal obligation. The controller shall process the personal data, including with regard to personal administration.   

Retention Period

The controller will not store the provided personal data for a period longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

Contact Details of the Data Protection Officer (if applicable)

The Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer. The contact details of the Data Protection Officer are: mrs. J. Cadovius,

If applicable, the contact details of the Data Protection Officer are:

Name of the DPO                             : Mrs J. Cadovius

Postal code and address                              : Nieuwe Steeg 100, 4197 RD

Location                                              : Buurmalsen

Rights involved

The person whose personal data are processed has – subject to legal exceptions – the right to request the controller to inspect and/or rectify and/or erase the personal data and/or limit the processing thereof.

The data subject also has the right to object to the processing, and the controller shall have to transfer the data of the data subject, at his or her request. The controller will comply with all the above requests within one month, unless this cannot be demanded within the aforementioned period due to, e.g., complexity.

If the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the data subject, the data subject has the right to withdraw such consent at any time.

The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the relevant supervisory body, i.e. the Netherlands Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

Personal data not obtained from the data subject

If the information has not been obtained from the data subject, the controller shall inform the data subject about the origin of the personal data and, if applicable, whether they originate from public sources.

Exchanging data with others

The controller shall not provide personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the execution of an agreement, if it is obliged to do so by virtue of the law, if it has a legitimate or general interest to do so, or if it has received explicit consent for this. The controller shall, if entitled to do so, share personal data with only for B&B activities.

Transfer abroad shall only take place in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation. The controller will always first inform the data subject thereof. In any case, it shall provide information about the level of protection of the applicable country (adequacy decision or other appropriate guarantees) and how a copy can be obtained.


The controller shall take appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of access to the processed personal data. Access to personal data is limited to those for whom it is necessary to have insight into the personal data. The persons who have insight into the personal data within the organization of the controller are obliged to handle it confidentially.

Profiling and cookies

The controller shall use automated decision-making. The purpose thereof is to monitor visits to better provide content the user is interested in.

(If applicable) The controller shall use cookies when offering electronic services. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages of this website and stored by the browser on the computer hard disk of the visitor of the website. The controller shall use cookies to remember settings and preferences of the users, so that, inter alia, it can keep track of which pages are visited and thus establish a profile of the online behavior. The cookies can be turned off via the browser.

The controller shall use Google Analytics. This program provides important statistics on the number of visitors, the pages visited and other essential information enabling the controller to continually improve the website for its visitors. These statistics are anonymous and cannot be traced back to a specific person or user.

(If applicable) The controller will offer a newsletter to interested parties. Via this newsletter, interested parties shall be informed about news regarding the services offered and other related matters. The newsletter is only provided if the interested party has expressly given his consent for this. This consent is not required for existing customers. The interested party shall, if he or she wishes so, provide his or her e-mail address, following which the newsletter will be sent. Each newsletter shall contain a link through which the interested party may unsubscribe. The subscriber file of the newsletter shall not be provided to third parties.

Contact details of controller or his representative within the EU

Name of the organization            : Bed & Breakfast Burghmalsen

Contact person                                : Mrs. J. Cadovius

Postal code and address                  : Nieuwe Steeg 100, 4197 RD

Location                                              : Buurmalsen

Modification of the Privacy Statement

The controller shall have the right to make modifications to this privacy statement. When an adjustment has been made, the “last modified date”, to be found at the bottom of the privacy statement, will be revised.

Last date last modified: 15 December 2019