Bed & Breakfast on
estate Burghmalsen

Estate Burghmalsen is situated in a nature reserve with 22 hectares of forest, water features, fruit and nut trees. It’s located a short 10-minute bike ride from the historic town Buren. In our Bed & Breakfast you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, while you stay in the middle of nature. If you want to take a walk, it’s possible to walk on estate Burghmalsen. You can take a walk in the forest. This is part of a long-distance path that covers 5 kilometers. The only visitors you will encounter are the residents and visitors of the estate Burghmalsen itself.

Numerous activities

Other activities that you can undertake on estate Burghmalsen are cycling, fishing, lazing and if the weather allows it, you can also go skating and running. In consultation it’s possible to bring your own horse. We have access to an outside horseback-riding event covering of 30 x 60 meters. Of course, horseriding is at your own risk. You can also visit a cherry grove, a wine estate, take an active survival run or visit one of the nice and cosy restaurants in the area. There is something for everyone. You will certainly not be bored at the estate Burghmalsen.